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Matchbox Mega Rig toys = endless possibilities!

by Alicia in Age 5-7, Toys

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There aren’t many toys that keep Sebastian’s attention for longer than five minutes but these Matchbox Mega Rig toys do.  The new Matchbox Big Rig Shuttle Mission toys are tons of fun.  Each of Big Rig toy start off as one big toy and can be broken down into several individual vehicles.

One thing that I love about the Matchbox Big Rig toys is that they encourage kids to make up stories.  With each toy breaking down into so many different pieces that can be individually played with, the story telling opportunities are endless.  The age recommendation for these toys is 4-9.   Sebastian will be 9 soon but he still finds lots of ways to play with them.   The space shuttle even launches a rocket!   The durability of these toys was tested by my 2 year old and they passed.  Like any two year old, Madelyn can do a number on toys like these.  If she knows something comes apart, she will do whatever it takes to make it happen even if it isn’t the right way.  The toys have held up well though.. I impressed.


Another great thing that parents appreciate is that the toys don’t have to be put together in any particular way so kids are able to use their imagination when putting them back together and aren’t forced to figure out the right way to put them back together. 

You can see what I mean by endless possibilities now, right?

Where to buy: Space Shuttle on OR Space Rover on

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