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Huddy Buddy tee’s & onesies – enjoy clothing control while you can!

by Alicia in Baby & Kids Clothing

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HuddybuddyshirtI talk to lots of moms who say things like ‘my daughter won’t let me pick out her clothes anymore’.  It is so easy to buy clothes for infants and toddlers because they don’t care if their shirt is plane jane or if it expresses a political opinion of their parents.
Huddy Buddy makes it possible for parents  to put their infants and toddlers in stylish clothes that can’t be found at the mall.  In this photograph, Madelyn is wearing Huddy Buddy’s ‘Daddy’s Girl’ tee.  It is super soft and looks adorable.   My husband loves to see Madelyn in this tee… and it’s true, Madelyn is Daddy’s Girl!  He gets up with her at night, she cuddles with him on the couch, and he plays rough with her on the floor.  She’s got him wrapped around her little finger and everybody knows it when she wears this cute pink tee.

You will find lots of other cute designs on the Huddy Buddy website such as ‘Potty Trained’ and ‘Clownin’ Around’ and they even have sets for twins!

Huddy Buddy clothes are casual for every day wear, and they use top-quality 100% cotton so your child will be super comfy all day long.  Huddy Buddy donates a portion of every sale to the Huddy Buddy Fund supporting The Hospital for Sick Children.

Win one!: Huddy Buddy is giving away two onesie’s/tee’s. Leave a comment below telling me what design (and size) you like best and I will choose two winners at random.  Two winners will win one onesie or tee each. Comments accepted until August 19th.

Exclusive Coupon: Use coupon code insider15 to get 15% off your order!

Website: Huddy Buddy

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