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Color Changing Digital Room Thermometer – Grobag Egg

by Alicia in Gadgets, Nursery & Room Decor, Safety

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This is one of the most innovative products I’ve seen in a long time.  The Grobag Egg is incredibly useful and it looks really neat in a baby nursery.  I am obsessed with the Grobag Egg in Madelyn’s room.   I have the Grobag Egg on Madelyn’s armoire so I can easily see if the room is too hot or cold.  Lately, it’s been way to hot so the Grobag Egg glows bright red and has a frown.  The Grobag Egg helped me prove to Tim that Madelyn’s room was too hot especially for her to sleep in and he finally accepted that the air had to be turned down.  Before I could show him the Grobag Egg thermometer to prove that her room was too hot, he said it was just me.. I was the only one that was hot. 


When we started using the Grobag Egg thermometer I would yell
downstairs to Tim and tell him how hot it was in her room which ultimately led to the air being turned down!  Thank goodness.  When her
room reaches an acceptable temperature, around 75°F, the egg is a little lighter in color but still has a frown, and when the room is at the most ideal temperature, 61-67°F, the egg is a very vibrant yellow and has a smile.

The Grobag Egg thermometer glows softly and the temperature is backlit so I can see it easily at night while it provides a nice nighlight for Madelyn.

I have a few Grobag Egg thermometers to give away!  Stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter to be notified when the giveaway contest starts.

Website: Grobag Egg thermometer

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