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Bath Cakes, Bubble Cakes, and Soapy Cakes from Bath Cake Boutique

by Alicia in Bath Toys & Gear, Beauty & Skin Care

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BathcakeboutiqueWhen I opened the box I recently got from Bath Cake Boutique, I couldn’t believe how yummy everything in the box looked and smelled. I was actually a little confused.  I was on my way out the door when I opened the box so I didn’t look at the company name on the box, Bath Cake Boutique (which kind of gives a hint to what’s inside).  My first thought was ‘"how on earth did these incredible chocolate cakes make it through the mail"?   The cakes look real and smell amazing.  I realized they weren’t real cakes when I picked one up and noticed it was a bit heavier than cakes.  Packed in a bakery type box, the kids also thought the cakes were real.  Luckily though, they didn’t take a bite.

Pictured above is a bath cake, soapy cake, and bubble cake.  That is Madelyn’s hand in the photograph so you can kind of tell how big they are.  The Bath Cakes are handmade with essential oils, minerals, butters, and milk and the bubble cakes make nice thick bubbles and not only that, but you have a one-use soap left.  These products are available in over a dozen scents including chocolate, almond, vanilla, and watermelon.

You will find lots of other goodies at Bath Cake Boutique like lip balm, bath salts and body butter that both you and your kids will love.  These cute, yummy looking, incredibly smelling goodies make great gifts.  They are definitely a conversation starter!

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Website: Bath Cake Boutique

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