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Xeko: an eco-friendly game that’s fun for kids and parents

by Alicia in Games, Green, Toys

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Sebastian and I are hooked on two games right now. 
One is Xeko: Mission China.  Mission China is the newest Xeko mission.  Xeko games are eco-conscious collectible, educational card games.  The object of this game
is to build the strongest Xeko-system that balances resources and
species. In order to become a Xeko Master, your child must learn how to balance the eco-system.  A player wins by running out of cards in her draw pile AND also must have the highest number of eco-points indicating that she knows how to balance the Xeko-system.  Conserving cards is important too though, so like I said the game is all about balance.  Sebastian and I were playing like pro’s within a couple of hours and it is so much fun to play! 
Players must play a Species card on each turn or pass.  Species cards must be linked together whether it be to your own Species card already in the field or your oponent’s species card.

Sebastian loves to go on the Xeko website to learn more about his Xeko species cards and play games.  Add more fun to the game with booster packs.  Booster packs come with 9 cards from a random selection of 150
cards. All Xeko collections are playable with one another, and players
can mix and match to build custom decks. 

Your child
will learn interesting facts about endangered animals and their
habitats while playing Xeko!
Visit the Xeko website for a store near you or buy at Amazon.com.

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