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The things my 2 year old talked me into last night

by Alicia in Personal

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My internet connection was down yesterday so I had to pack up kids and all and go to my mother’s house to work while she watched the kids.  We were there until about 9pm.  My mother has strict rules at her house such as not watching TV, not eating desert (fruit is desert to her), and you can’t eat anywhere but in the kitchen and dining room.  I know, those are terrible rules!  My kids have gotten into a nightime routine that includes having ice cream for desert.  Needless to say, they didn’t get ice cream at Granmother’s house.  When we got home last night, I was exhausted and could have easily gone to bed at 9:30 but Madelyn didn’t wake from her nap until 5pm so there was no way I was getting her to sleep before 10 or so. 
Almost as soon as we walked in the door, Madelyn starts repeating ispop over and over again.  Ispop is her word for popsicle or ice cream.  Sort of like jui is her word for anything that goes in a cup.  I go to get her a little bowl of ice cream and of course I have to get Sebastian some ice cream too but he wants his in a cone which I found out AFTER I put Madelyn’s ice cream in a bowl.

Once Sebastian was settled with his ice cream cone I had to fix
Madelyn an ice cream cone as well.  We go into the living room (don’t
tell my mother), sit on our Just Buzzin’ By floor mat and enjoy Shark
Week on the Discovery Channel.  About three minutes after sitting down
I look at Madelyn and she is covered in ice cream and so is the mat.
She wasn’t even eating the ice cream cone!  She was dipping her finger in and licking the ice cream off of her finger!
When the kids finished their ice cream, I cleaned the mat off and then Madelyn started repeating the word eehh
which means egg.  She took me to the refrigerator, got the eggs out,
got a pan and her step stool and put the pan on the stove top.  She
took three eggs out, put them in the pan and then thought she needed to
show me how to crack the eggs without her actually holding an egg.  She
can’t stand the feel of the egg when it is cracked.  I scramble three
eggs.   I knew that she probably wouldn’t eat all three eggs, but I
thought maybe Sebastian would help.  Nope.  When I put the scrambled
eggs in a bowl, she got a second bowl out and proceeded to transfer the
eggs from one bowl to the other for about five minutes while I was
cleaning the pan.  I didn’t realize what she was doing.  Silly me, I
thought she was eating the eggs!  Sebastian didn’t even get a
chance to have some eggs.  There was a nice trail of egg leading from
the kitchen to the living room though.  So, I had to clean that mess

Then, Madelyn said opcon which means popcorn.  By this time I
was thinking that she didn’t eat enough at Grandmother’s house and was
starving, so I fix a bag of popcorn.  I get the 100 calorie mini bags
so splitting that between the two kids can be a challenge.  Sebastian
looked at me like I was crazy when I handed him a tiny glass bowl full
of popcorn.  He gladly ate the popcorn though.. but Madelyn didn’t!
What the heck!?

I couldn’t take it anymore and decided that she would just have to
go to bed starving, which I’m sure she wasn’t.   She insisted on
reading about six books, got me to rock her, then sing to her and about
45 minutes later she was asleep.  All of this happened in about an
hour’s time.  My brain was on overload.

I told my husband about our night and he said "do you think she was trying to get out of going to bed"?  Huh?  She’s never done that before. 
Why would she do that?  Oh!! Is it because she’s two?  I guess things are changing.

Madelyn is growing up and with growing up comes talking and the primal act of convincing someone to give you what you want, a combination that can change a mom’s world.


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