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NAP26, a power nap system

by Alicia in Bedtime, Relaxation

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Nap26Taking a sleeping pill has been part of my bedtime routine for almost a year now because I can’t fall sleep if I don’t take it.  It’s the craziest thing.  I am exhausted when I go to bed and want nothing more than to drift off to lalaland but my brain just won’t let me go there.  I finally told my therapist (yes, I go to a therapist) that I can’t sleep she said "oh, ok let me prescribe a pill for that".   The sleeping pill helps me go to sleep but the problem is staying asleep.  Almost every night, Madelyn wakes up yelling "mama mama".  Tim usually gets up to check on her but once I hear a noise and wake up, I can’t get back to sleep easily or at all.  Tim gets back to sleep within about 20 seconds while I lay in bed staring at the ceiling, counting sheep, reading, or playing games on my iphone until I go back to sleep about 2 hours later.  Needless, to say I don’t get a lot of quality sleep and if you are a parent you probably don’t either.  Enter NAP26.

I was recently given the opportunity to review NAP26, a power nap system that claims that you will feel like you have slept for 3 hours and feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a 26 minute power nap.  My immediate thought was "when am I going to be able to use this? I can’t find 26 minutes to spare".  I was finally able to try NAP26 one afternoon when my husband was home and able to watch the kids.   I snuck into Sebastian’s room where it is nice and dark (our bedroom is where all the cool super nova’s hang out during the day), put on my eye mask and headphones, and played Nap26 on my ipod.  Whew!  Although I didn’t fall asleep the first two times I listened to NAP26, I did hit that point when you feel like you have just fallen from the sky which I think indicates that I was pretty relaxed and almost on the brink of falling into a deep sleep.  Now, when I use the NAP26 system, I am able to fall asleep.  Exactly 26 minutes after starting Nap26, I wake to the gentle sound of birds chirping and feel refreshed and rejuvenated! 

NAP26 is something that I think hospitals should put in the coming
home bags for new parents.  I feel like NAP26 helps me be a
better parent because I can be a total grouch when I am tired.  It’s such a simple process but makes a big difference in my everyday life.  I don’t use it everyday, but when I feel lethargic and really stressed, I pop in my headphones, get in bed and enjoy the soothing sounds of NAP26 and usually fall asleep within just a few minutes.

So what is NAP26?  It is a scientific digital modulation process that inserts precise pulses

and beats that the brain hears. The difference in vibration

between one ear and the other stimulates either deeper

relaxation or alertness.

Now, I just need the Easy2Sleep system so I can stop taking a sleeping pill at night.

Website:  Nap26

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