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mylo personal communicator: “My Life Online”

by Alicia in Electronics, Gadgets

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Do you have a tween or teen that is always on her cell phone, not only talking but texting and surfing the Web which skyrockets your cell carrier bill?  mylo is for you then.  mylo will connect to the Web from any Wi-Fi location such as a coffee shop or even your Wi-Fi enabled home and does not require a cell carrier contract. 

Complete with a 3.5 screen and a 1.3 megapixel camera, users will have a great time surfing the Web, texting, listening to music, and taking pictures!  Does it get better than that?  Did I mention that you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to access the Internet from mylo?  Maybe I did.

Mylo2I can listen to music, surf the Web and text all at the same
time with mylo.  My sister and I IM frequently throughout the day instead of
calling each other and I love listening to music while
working and cleaning so I really enjoy the multi-tasking aspect of mylomylo
supports AIM, Google Talk, Skype, and Yahoo! instant messaging.

The QWERTY keyboard, a tiny joystick, and touch screen make getting around mylo fun.  An AC adapter, USB cable, carrying pouch, strap, stylus, and headphones are all included in the box.  mylo has 1gb of internal memory and has a memory card expansion slot so you can add more memory.  More memory is useful for those who take a lot of pictures and videos and want keep them on mylo to share with friends.

A few widgets are pre-installed on the mylo and more can be downloaded to add more functionality to mylo.  mylo users can download more widets including a calculator widget, gmail notifier, and SHOUTcast widget that will make using mylo a more fun and personalized experience.

The 1.3 megapixel camera is much better
than my iPhone camera
which is very sensitive to movement and  takes blurry photos.

mylo is a great alternative to expensive cell phones that require a fee to connect to the Web.  Sony has arranged for mylo users to have free wi-fi access at over
10,000 Wayport Hotspot locations including many wi-fi enabled McDonalds

You can buy mylo at or learn more about mylo on the Sony website.

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