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Jishaku magnet game – it’s addictive!

by Alicia in Games, Toys

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Jishaku1_2Jishaku is the most entertaining game I’ve played in a long time.  As you can see in the photograph, my husband is very entertained as well.   

Jishaku is a game of magnetic attraction.  Jishaku magnets like all magnets, have North and South poles.  These smooth, shiny magnets aren’t marked though so you can’t tell which side is going to attract or repel neighboring magnets.

The game is played by placing one of your magnets in a hole in the foam game board and hope
that your magnet doesn’t attract magnets in nearby holes.  If the magnet you just played does attract a magnet or multiple magnets, you have to take your magnet and the
magnets that attach to yours and put them back in your hand to play again.  Players take turns until one player runs out of magnets

The key is to get to the point when you know if the
magnet you are playing will attract nearby magnets or not.  If you don’t think it will attract nearby
magnets, play it in that hole!   You will either feel a repelling tug or an attracting tug.  If you think it will attract nearby magnets, you need to chose another hole.  If there isn’t a hole that you feel confident about, you have to choose one and hope that your magnet doesn’t attract too many surrounding magnets. 

The surprise of the magnets jumping and attaching to each other is what makes the game so fun!  But beware, Jishaku is addictive.  I think the game is most fun with two people, but it can be played with more.

There are three different games you can play so your goal will vary.  My favorite it the first game, "I’m Out!".  I have actually played by myself which is how I get my practice so I can kick some Jishaku butt!  Jishaku is one of only two games that will get me away from the computer for more than five minutes which says a lot!

I shot a few videos of us playing but never got close enough for you to be able to really see the magnets in action.  You can watch a really fun video on the Jishaku website.

Jishaku website

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