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Cluzzle, a sculpting game

by Alicia in Games

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CluzzleSebastian, my eight year old son loves
playing Cluzzle because we have to guess and guess and guess what he’s made out of clay.  Life is great for an eight year old when he can (1) play with clay and (2) make mom and dad guess what it is that he made, over and over again.

Cluzzle is a game of clay sculpting and the goal is to have
other players guess what object you created.. not too soon and not too late.  All the while, you are trying to guess what other players have
created as quickly as possible.  The player who identifies a player’s Cluzzle is awarded points and so is the sculptor.  The longer it takes a player to guess what your sculpture is, the more points you are awarded as long as someone guesses your sculpture before the end of the game.  Your sculpture should be difficult to recognize but not too difficult to guess what it is.

Sebastian sculpted a baby monitor, but without asking questions I probably would not have figured it out.   First I asked "Is it alive?", he said no.  "Is it food?", no.  "Is it something we use everyday?", yes.  I was stumped but I kept asking.  Finally when I asked if it was electronic, I realized what is was and guessed correctly so he and I both earned points.  The game gets more tricky when there are more than two players, but I think it’s more fun with more players.  There is no turn order for asking questions so when there are three or more players, the game gets pretty exciting..  Watch out though.. you don’t want to ask questions that are going to give hints to your opponents.

Cluzzle is an award winning game that can be enjoyed by players 3-6 players, ages 8 & up.  As much fun as we’ve had playing this game, I can see why rated Cluzzle the #1 drawing and sculpting game even over Pictionary and Cranium!

Website: Cluzzle

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