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biome5: organic clothes for kids

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I dont’ know how many times I have refered to Madelyn as a little monkey.   We had to get her out of her crib before she turned one because she tried to climb out of it.  She climbs as high as she possibly can in any given situation.

I was excited when I received a cute biome5 Monkey tee for Madelyn because it describes her perfectly.   And as if cute isn’t enough, biome5 tee’s are educational.  Shh, don’t tell your toddler.  How can a tee be educational you ask?  On each shirt, a huge letter is printed with an animal whose name starts with the letter.   The M tee has a cute monkey on it while the Z tee has .. I bet you can guess.. a zebra.  The colors are vibrant and on most designs, the animal printed on the tee looks like a photographed image making the animal easy to recognize.  You child has probably seen most of the animals at the zoo, aquarium, or in your own backyard.


Tee’s are available in 2T, 4T, and 6T short sleeve and long sleeve and the onesie is available in 3-6 months and 6-12 months sizes.  All of the designs are gender neutral so you are not limited to the number of tee’s or onesies you buy for your child.

Oh, and what’s really neat is that the name of the animal on the shirt is printed upside down so your child can read it while wearing the tee.  That is such a cool idea!  biome5 tee’s give toddlers the opportunity to work on learning the alphabet and phonetics while wearing an awesome tee.

Click on over to biome5 to see all of the designs and check out their current sale prices.

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