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True Fit Convertable Car Seat – Fits babies from 5 – 65lbs.

by Alicia in Safety, Travel

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TruefitstockThe True Fit Convertible Car Seat is what I consider to be of the best things since rattles.  This car seat eliminates the hassle of buying two or three different
car seats by the time your child is five years old, or 65 lbs. 

Age & Fit: This car seat is one that you can bring baby home from the hospital in and continue to use until your child is up to 65lbs. or 50 inches tall.  That means that your child could probably use this car seat until in her early elementary school years.  The True Fit Convertible Car Seat can be used rear facing up to 35lbs which is great as a lot of car seats don’t allow for babies that large to be rear facing.  I recently read that it is recommended for babies up to

Installation: I was very pleased with how easy this car seat was to install. 
The instructions are easy to follow and precise. The many illustrations are
also clear and easy to follow. It took less than 5 minutes to install and I was impressed with how easy it was to secure the seat without a struggle on my part.   Sw
itching this car seat from one car to another is simple and I feel like the seat is secure every time.  The removable head rest can be stored for use when your child is front facing.

Strap Threading: Are you sitting down?  The True Fit Convertible Car Seat’s straps NEVER need to be re-threaded.  That alone makes this car seat a dream!  I would dread changing the placement of car seat straps in previous car seats but with the True Fit Convertible Car Seat, I can adjust the straps even while Madelyn is in the seat.

Truefitincar2Comfort: While I haven’t sat in the seat myself and Madelyn does not talk, I feel confident in telling you that this seat is the most plush, and secure feeling seat Madelyn has used.  The two removable inserts provide extra padding around even the tiniest baby (5 lbs. minimum weight).  Madelyn is two years old and about 28 lbs. and uses one insert. She looks so comfy when in the seat.  It’s almost like the seat is cradling her which is great for long car rides.

Cleaning: The cover and inserts snap off for easy cleaning and the cup & snack holder snap off and on on either side of the car seat. Madelyn loves that she can get her cup and snacks by herself.. so do I!

You can learn more about the True Fit Convertible Car Seat on the Learning Curve website or buy it at for about $180, a great investment for a car seat that is going to last a long time.

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