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Playskool Wash or Toss Cups

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PlayskoolwashtossmadelynA few months ago I made the mistake
of giving Madelyn milk in a regular cup, not a sippy cup.   You don’t need me to tell you about the mess that followed.. and the drama.   The mess is obvious but the drama was a little unexpected.   I forget how good of a memory babies and kids have.  After that one time Madelyn wanted her milk in a regular cup all of the time and we all know how toddlers act when they want something really bad.  Such fun!
I tried and tried regular sippy cups, but she wasn’t having it and quite honestly, I’ve been a little more stressed than usual lately so I gave in and let her drink out of regular cupsPlayskoolwashtoss
but in the kitchen only. 

A few weeks later I received Playskool’s Wash or Toss Cups in the mail and things have changed a bit.  Madelyn really likes the Wash or Toss Cups.  I think it’s because they look more like real cups than regular sippy cups so she feels like a big girl.  One thing that I love about these cups is their size.  A little smaller than her old sippy cups, these hold just the right amount of milk.  I don’t find cups lying around the house with old milk in them anymore.  Yeah!

Playskool Wash or Toss cups are dishwasher safe, and can even be put in the microwave.   These cups are great for travel and I personally don’t see a need to ‘toss’ the cups as they wash and hold up well.  I have noticed that when Madelyn shakes the cup really hard some milk may drip out out of the spout holes, but I think that is the case with any cup like this if you shake it hard enough.   The tops have a little ‘grab tab’ for easy removal and snap on to be very secure.  When Sebastian used cups like these about 6 years ago, he would push on the outer side of the spout so the top would come off.   The lids on these cups don’t come off that easy, thank goodness!

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