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Boon Potty Bench

by Alicia in Age 1-3, Bath Toys & Gear

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BoonpottybenchMadelyn is on the tail end of potty training and has used the Boon Potty Bench almost since beginning the potty training process.  The potty bench has two storage compartments with sliding doors, one on each side of the seat.  What I love is that the doors won’t open when the lid is down which makes it so that Madelyn can’t play with what’s inside unless she is sitting on the potty during which the compartment doors will open.
We have wipes in one compartment and random things in the other side for when Madelyn wants to spend an especially long time on the potty.  One storage compartment has a toilet paper roll holder but I prefer to use wet wipes so we use that compartment for the ‘other things’.  Having a toilet paper holder is a cool idea though.  There is a pee deflector that can stay on the potty with the lid up or down and with the toilet drawer in or out.  It doesn’t have to be taken off unless you want to clean it or remove it if your toddler doesn’t need it.

The Boon Potty Bench makes a great stool for Madelyn to use at the sink where she washes her hands and I use it to sit on when giving the kids a bath.  The toilet drawer is easy to remove after Madelyn uses it.  She usually takes the drawer out, sings her special ‘pee pee’ song and then gives it to me to pour into the big potty. 

Overall, the Boon Potty Bench is one of the best that I’ve seen.  I love the simple design and color much better than some I’ve seen that play music, make sounds, and could probably microwave your food.  🙂

Manufacturer website: Boon Potty Bench

Buy at for $29.99.

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