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Wet Ones antibacterial wipes

by Alicia in Beauty & Skin Care, Cleaning & Cleaners

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Bacteria is something I can do without.   People can tell me all day long that my kids need to be exposed to bacteria so they become immune to it but when it comes to being exposed to bacteria such as that on shopping carts, that is gross and I don’t know anyone that will argue with me on that.

Since Sebastian was teeny tiny, I have used Wet Ones antibacterial wipes.  I’ve carried them in my diaper bags, in the car, in my purse, and in my pockets.  They are like family to me.  I feel like I should send Wet Ones a birthday card every year. 

I am writing this review today to tell you why I like Wet Ones.  The number one reason I like Wet Ones is because of their durability.  9 times out of 10, when I am using an antibacterial wipe I am rubbing pretty hard.  Not enough to slough the skin off the kids hands but just enough to feel satisfied that the bacteria has been evicted from our skin.

I was thrilled recently when I found out that the Wet Ones canister fits in my car cup holder!  You know your life is all about the kids (or that you are a ‘germaphobe’) when you get excited about how easily you can access antibacterial wipes.

Wet Ones don’t dry out our skin after using them and the mild scent leaves our hands feeling clean and fresh.  You can buy Wet Ones antibacterial wipes at just about any convenience store or grocery store.  I am lobbying for a new GPS feature which brings up a list of locations that sell Wet Ones when you push a little Wet Ones button the GPS.  Wouldn’t that be cool while on road trips when you you know that nasty messes are inevitable!?

The 40 count canister is perfect for the car, while the 24 count carton of individually wrapped singles is perfect for trips to the park, and the 15 count travel pack is great to keep in your desk drawer or in that messy kitchen drawer where everything important ends up.  That’s not just me, is it?

I have a lot of Wet Ones to give away to lucky readers! 
Visit May 22nd – May 31st to enter to win.  I will choose three winners to receive a variety of 10 packs of Wet Ones!

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