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TODAY IN THE NEWS: 73 Austrian father holds daughter captive for 24 years

by Alicia in New posts

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I know you have heard this tid-bit of news. It’s been all over the news stations for the past several days and rightly so.  I couldn’t believe the story when I read it. I told my husband that the story seems like just that, a story.. a novel.  Unfortunately, it’s not just a story. It’s 24 years of sexual, physical, and mental abuse. It’s raising 6 children in a ‘dungeon’. It’s children never having seen the sun light.  It’s awful and it is not a story.

It’s hard to believe that the wife of the 73 year old abusive father had no idea that she was indeed sitting above her daughter and grand-children.  And how many people have had a child left on their doorstep three different times?  You would think the wife would have been a little suspicious of some kind of strange activity but it appears that she was/is a submissive woman who doesn’t question things. 

My heart sank when I read this story and I hope that everyone, the mother, the daughter and the 6 grandchildren make it through OK.  From what I understand they are all in therapy at this time.

Click here for ongoing FOX News coverage of this story.

Any thoughts?


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