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SimplyMobile™ Mom – Take your favorite content with you.. on your cell phone, FREE!

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SimplymobilemomSimplyMobileMom is a new online service that gives me the ab
ility to copy online & computer content to my cell phone
whether it’s pictures, recipes or snippets from a favorite blog (The Mommy Insider, for example).  An example of how I use SimplyMobileMoms is copying content from a news website like, to my cell phone so that I can read it later when at the doctor’s office, in the school pick up line, or at the park without having to find the exact article on the website. 

If you don’t have a cell phone with a web browser, or just don’t use it, the SMS version of SimplyMobile is what you need.  Instead of receiving a text message with a link to the content, you will receive the content in the form of a text message.  For example, if you want to save a news story to your cell phone, you simply select the text, right click on it, then click on the "add to simplymobile" text in the menu that pops up.  The SimplyMobileMoms application on your computer will open and you will then choose a category in which to place this content for quick access on your cell phone.

The content I add to my phone creates a "portal" where I can access my saved content when I am away from the computer.  Organized by buckets (phones/people to receive content), categories, and then content items, you
can always gain access to the content you’ve added to your phone, even
if you have deleted the original text message.

There are lots of ways you can use SimplyMobileMoms.  Here is a list of what I regularly use it for:
1. To do lists
2. News snippets  –  I send news snippets to my cell phone so I don’t have to visit each news website individually to read the news I am interested in.  I just go to my SimplyMobileMoms on my cell phone and can see all of the stories I copied in one place.
3. Finding local products – The "TheFind" plug-in makes it easy for me to find just about anything in my area.  I type "organic vegetables" and I got a list of stores in my area that sell books on organic gardening, stores that sell organic cosmetics, etc.. This plug-in is really fun!

HOW IT WORKS: SimplyMobile is software you install on your computer. It lets you add any content to your phone like directions, to-do lists, grocery lists, contacts, and more from Web and your computer.  You can even share that content with other people’s phones.  If I want to share a news story with Tim while he is at work, I can! 

WHAT YOU NEED: All you need to use SimplyMobile is a computer with Windows and any cell phone with any carrier because content you add is sent in a text
message. SimplyMobile covers the cost of the text messages I receive and I don’t get spam text messages.

Like with any new software or service, I have experienced a few small issues such as not receiving a text message when I add new content and not being able to add a photograph from my computer sometimes, but all-in-all, I think SimplyMobileMoms is a great service for moms and dads!

WEBSITE: SimplyMobileMom

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