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Robeez weekend & sandal collections

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RobeezsummerShoes, shoes, shoes.  I think Madelyn has more shoes than I’ve had in my entire life.   She has pink shoes, red shoes, black shoes, striped shoes, shoes with flowers on them, shoes with x-bones on them, and so many more. 

In the photo to the right Madelyn is wearing a pair of shoes from Robeez’s new Weekend Collection.  They are super easy to get on and off with the help of a tab on the heel, and the multi-colored striped elastic on the sides makes them wearable with almost any outfit.  There are five striped colors choices and four solid color choices in the Weekend Collection.

I also like the new line of Robeez sandals.   Madelyn has the classic style (to the left) which reminds me of sandals I’m Robeezsummersandalwearing in photographs from the late 70’s. 

They may look like the sandals we wore as children but they are not nearly the same.  They aren’t stiff as thick wooden boards, but instead have soft leather soles and Velcro straps take the place of the buckles that were on the 1970’s sandals.

I’ve always liked Robeez shoes.  They offer both classic and trendy styles and more importantly, they are made to be comfortable for little feet like Madelyn’s.  Robeez shoes are available for babies up to 24 months but I have found that they run a little big. Madelyn will be 2 May 9th and I’m sure she will be able to wear the sandals through most of this year and she is not a smaller than average child.

WEBSITE:  Check these collections out at Robeez.

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