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Norton 360 – All in one security

by Alicia in New posts

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If you are reading this you are using the Internet and if you are using the Internet your computer is at risk of being attacked by any number of viruses and other security issues which can ultimately cause your computer to crash. i.e. lose all your data. I never leave Madelyn unattended around my computer but in the case that she was able to get to it, I don’t doubt that she could do some serious damage, deleting, and crashing. Yikes!

I recently learned about one product that takes care of all of these threats, Norton 360. Norton has been providing consumers with top notch security and anti-virus software for years. They have taken it a step further by offering a product that allows us to protect our computer and backup our files.

Norton 360 protects you from spyware and phishing sites, and by screening against online identity theft as you ‘surf’ and also helps you back up and de-clutter your computer. Norton 360 will automatically back up data and files and remove the clutter that inevitably builds up by surfing the Internet. When all of this is done, you have a faster, more reliable system.

I installed and set up Norton 360 in very little time and have been happy with its performance and capabilities since. You can customize the way Norton 360 works for you.

Norton 360 is a great solution for those of you who have a family website, blog, or work at home on your computer.

Norton 360 is ideal for new computers and for computers that have a lot of available memory as it tends to use a lot of the computer’s resources while in use.

WEBSITE: Norton 360

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