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Little Tikes Sand & Water Fun Factory

by Alicia in Age 1-3, Age 3-5, Outdoor Toys

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Both of my kids, 2 and 8, love the Little Tikes Sand & Water Fun Factory.  I appreciate the compact size while the kids enjoy the two sides, one for sand andLittletikessandwaterfunfactory
one for water.  The toys that come with the sand & water fun factory are just enough to keep my kids entertained for a good while.  Madelyn usually plays with the water side while Sebastian builds sand structures and plays with the gears and funnels above the sand and water areas.  I particularly love the sun shade canopy.  Our front porch gets a lot of sun in the afternoon so the sun shade is really appreciated.  It can even be raised or lowered to accommodate the different angles of the sun throughout the day.

Besides the gears and funnels that attach to the underside of the lid for each section, the sand & water fun factory comes with several toys including a boat, a truck, and a shovel all of which are perfect for little hands.  The lids drop down when play time is over to keep protect the sand and toys from those pesky animals (cats.. we have two), and the sun.  The water side has a drain which makes it easy to empty after use so the water doesn’t sit and attract things we don’t like such as mosquito larvae.  That was really good thinking on Little Tikes part.

Madelyn likes to watch the truck go down the ramp that attaches to the side of the sand & water fun factory.  When I first saw the ramp I thought surely the truck would fly right off of it, but to my surprise it goes really fast and stays on through the end of the ramp.

I really like the design of the Sand & Water Fun Factory. I think they’ve done a great job and thought about the kids and parents when designing this toy.  As a parent, I appreciate the sun shade, compact size, and I am impressed with how easy it is to put together.  I had the sand & water fun factory up and ready to play with about 20 minutes after unpacking it from the box.   Another great thing is that it is light enough to move from place to place in the yard.   We usually sit on our front porch in the morning and early afternoon then migrate to the back yard in the evening so being able to move the sand & water fun factory is really great.

The video below is of Madelyn playing with the Sand & Water Fun Factory.  We have both sides filled with water because we left the top open and the sand got rained on and was not fun to play with after that.  Bad mommy!

You can buy the Little Tikes Sand & Water Fun Factory at eToys for $49.99 or less making this a very affordable outdoor toy that will last a long time.

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