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GoPets: Vacation Island – Nintendo DS game review

by Alicia in Games, Toys

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GopetsSebastian is not much of a gamer and if he previously played with his Nintendo DS more than once a week, that would have been above average.  Since we’ve had GoPets Vacation Island though, he’s played with his Nintendo more than all of the previous times put together.  I wouldn’t normally be happy about him sitting on the couch playing video gaGopets2
mes but this one is different.  Having lost several pet fish over the last few years and his cat more recently, Sebastian is anxious for a new pet.  However, because he is very sensitive and doesn’t deal with the loss of pets well, I made a firm decision to not get any more pets until he is quite a bit older, maybe around 15 or so.

That is where GoPets comes in.  Besides being a fun game, he is able to create, take care of, and socialize his own pet.  GoPets Vacation Island is a combination of a virtual pet game and social network for kids.

Connecting the Nintendo DS to our wireless internet at home or a hotspot lets Sebastian connect with other players from all over the world, literally, giving him the socialization he might not otherwise get while playing video games.  Nintendo wi-fi is free and is simple to set up using your wireless home network.

Sebastian can purchase toys and items, interact with other characters and play minigames (Darts is his favorite minigame).  When traveling
around the island, Sebastian’s pet dog can socialize and become friends with new islanders, exchange gifts,
and even unlock new places to visit, all while increasing his ranking
and heading towards the title of Big Kahuna which is the most influential
resident of Vacation Island.  I think that is his life goal right now.

WEBSITE:  Learn more about the game here: GoPets Vacation Island OR buy at for $19.99 or less.

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