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Go Green with your own Soda-Club home soda maker!

by Alicia in New posts

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Green, green, green. Everything is going green these days but who would have thought there was a ‘green’ way to drink soda? I recycle my soda cans so I thought I was doing about the best that could be done as far as soda cans are concerned. I was wrong! I recently learned about the Soda Club home soda maker from which you can make your own delicious soda while helping to cut down on the energy and resources it takes to recycle millions of aluminum soda cans.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first. There was no way the Soda Club home soda maker could reproduce the flavor of my favorite soda’s with just a few simple steps. Huh, I was wrong again! Two times in one day.. yikes.

The Soda Club home soda maker does not require batteries or use power making it easily transportable from house to house or room to room, depending on how you entertain. Imagine how impressed the play group moms will be when you bring a soda maker to your next play group meeting!

There are a few easy steps. First, you set up the soda maker by inserting the included tank of compressed air into the back of the machine. Simply slip the tank into the back of the machine and screw the top to the machine so the air can be used. Then, assuming you have already washed one of the included bottles, fill it with cool water and place it in the font of the soda maker and screw it to the top of the machine until it is tightly attached. Next, push the carbonation button on the top of the machine in short, firm pushes until you hear a loud buzzing noise. This step is what carbonates the water.
After that it is time to add flavor. There are several flavors to choose from. I recommend buying the value pack
so you can try all of the flavors. My favorite is the ‘lemon lime’ which tastes exactly like ‘you know what’.

If you buy a Soda Club home soda maker, please don’t follow my instructions as they aren’t complete! Watch this demo video to see how easy it really is. You will be amazed.

Using the soda maker is so easy, my 8 year old can make his own soda. I have a video of Sebastian talking about the Soda Club home soda maker (he was so excited about it) but it doesn’t want to upload. I will keep trying. So far, we have made root beer, lemon-lime soda, and the energy drink which are all included in the value pack. Soda Club hasn’t left those of us who prefer diet soda out. There are several diet soda flavors available all of which are comparable to the big brand diet soda’s.

A few Green facts:

– No batteries or electricity
– Reduces energy used to manufacture bottles and cans
– Reduces gas and pollution from shipping packaged beverages
– Eliminates pollution from batteries

Empty carbonators are returned to Soda-Club to be cleaned, inspected and refilled with CO2 drawn naturally from the air.

Imagine the money and resources you will save when not buying 4 12-packs of soda a week. It’s mind boggling.

Visit the Soda Club home soda maker website here to learn more and buy yours!

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