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Can’t get enough coupon codes? I’m there with you.

by Alicia in New posts

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Even when we have money to throw out the window (rare for us) I still do what I can to get a good deal. Especially on items that cost more than $5.00. 🙂 There are obvious ways to save money when shopping off-line. Go to department stores when they are having a sale, and shop at the grocery store on triple coupon day. Did you know you can also save a ton of money by visiting Best Online Coupons before you make a purchase online?

Best Online Coupons lists thousands of coupons codes which are searchable by merchant name and category. Categories include, Baby & Kids, Arts & Crafts, Automotive, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, and more. Around 700 different online merchants are featured here. I find the site very easy to navigation and you don’t have to click link after link to access the coupon code you are after. On just about my 3rd click into the site I came across a 20% off coupon code for the Disney Store, tried it out and it actually worked!

Daily updates, a special “New Coupons” section and an “Expiring Coupons” section make this a great site to bookmark and visit often so you are on top of your money saving game. You can even see what coupons are most popular in the “Hot Coupons” section.

On several occassions I have purchased something online that I could have got at our local toy store, just because I don’t want to get out in traffic. Usually I have to pay a shipping fee which sort of makes me feel stupid for not driving to the store that is 10 miles away instead. One great thing about Best Online Coupons is that you will often find ‘free shipping’ codes like the one I found for Toys R’ Us. And for those of us who operate a business from home you know how much of a hassle and how costly buying office supplies can get. Check out the great discount office supply store promotional specials to see what all you could be saving on!

As a busy parent, I really appreciate not having to take the time to register and then login to access their coupon codes. The site is absolutely free to use and is a breeze to navigate.

WEBSITE: Click on over to Best Online Coupons and start saving money at your favorite online shops!

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