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Stardust Lullaby 2 CD set

by Alicia in Bedtime, Music & DVD

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Stardustlullabycd My brain tends to be a big mess of chaos between the hours of 6a.m. to 9p.m..  Maybe it’s a parent thing.  Maybe it’s an "I operate a business from home" thing, or maybe it’s a "My almost 2 year old daughter climbs all over me while I am trying to work" thing.. or wait, maybe it’s all three!?!

Stardust, a lullaby CD set created by award winning singer/songwriter siblings, seems to magically lull Madelyn to sleep within 10 minutes of being put to bed.  I love it!!

In addition to helping little one’s get to sleep, the soothing collection of traditional and original lullabies creates a relaxing environment for those of us who need to release ourselves from ‘the chaos that is parenting’.  I have one CD in Madelyn’s room and one in the kitchen.  Between cooking dinner, emptying the dish washer, and eating, and homework, the kitchen is where I get the most stressed.  Now I just hit play on the CD player and wah lah.. my stress induced high blood pressure plummets and I am able to concentrate on the task at hand while Madelyn dances to the music.  With over 2 1/2 hours of music, you don’t have to worry about hearing the same song several times in one sitting.  Every song has a corresponding instrumental version which is perfect for times when your child wants you to sing her to sleep.

Stardust was awarded the iParenting Media Award in January 2008.   I highly recommend that you buy this CD set before buying other lullaby CD’s. You will not be disappointed.  There is a reason this CD set is titled Stardust, audible chocolate for sweet dreams.

Listen to music clips and learn more about Stardust here.

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