Spring Break in Boston

Neither of the kids have been on a plane before so that in itself was a big treat… for Sebastian at least.  We were one of the first to board and the flight attendant asked Sebastian if he wanted to meet the captain!  He got to wear the captains hat, sit in the cockpit and talk over the intercom.  He was in the cockpit for about 10 minutes. The flight attendant was nice enough to take a couple of photographs for us. 

Madelyn (23 months) didn’t like it when we left the ground. She put her arms out in front of her and said "whoa" for the duration of the actual take off until we got to about 10,000 feet.  I was able to sing her to sleep after about 15 minutes so the rest of the flight was good for her.  I was a little anxious about the turbulence we experienced due to bad weather and didn’t like it when the captain said he wasn’t even allowing the flight attendants to get out of their seats.

I am having the most amazing time!  We live in Atlanta and the difference between the two cities is huge.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Atlanta.  Visiting Boston has given me a higher appreciation for the warmer weather we have in the south.

So far we have walked through most of the historical monuments, eaten at Cheers (remember that show?), and we’ve seen a lot of beautiful homes.  Sebastian, 8 years old, has done a really great job walking with us and
Madelyn has done a wonderful job sitting in her Mutsy all bundled up…
it’s a tough job I know.  The kids have really enjoyed the playgrounds here despite the fact that they have been playing in 40 degree temperatures. 

Today we are going to visit the Boston Children’s Museum which from what I’ve seen from the website, looks really fun. I hope to update this post with a few photographs later today.

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