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SINGER Futura™ sewing & embroidery machine

by Alicia in Crafts

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The history of SINGER dates back to 1811.   Their newer electronic sewing machines with computerized embroidery units however are nothing like what was introduced in the early 1900’s.  We found that with almost endless design possibilities and good features both the beginner and novice sewer, the SINGER Futura CE-250 sewing & embroidery machine is a great product for the money and is perfect for those just starting to explore the world of sewing, embroidery and quilting. 

Our tester, Elouise, is an experienced sewer but had not used an embroidery machine before and is not very computer savvy.  Much to my surprise, she handled the transition from her very old sewing machine (at least 35 years old… a SINGER ) to the Futura hooked up to a computer, very well. 

Free designs are available for download online.  Just go to Google and type in what you are looking for.  You can purchase design cards and CD’s for anywhere from <$20 to >$150 with each design card having about 10-20 designs on it.  One great website where you can download individual embroidery (most less than $50) designs or packs of designs is Dakota Collectibles.

"The Futura was easy to get used to", Elouise said. "For the price, the SINGER Futura CE-250 has a lot of versatility.  Everything from set up to choosing one of the 100 stitches to advanced embroidery is easy to accomplish quickly and with less effort than expected."

 Elouise recommends taking a class at a local sewing machine store so owners can learn to use the machine to its fullest potential.

A good example of embroidery is on this toddler tee from SewCUTE, reviewed on our site here. The SINGER Futura CE-250 machine includes designs which are transmitted to the machine via a USB cable hooked up to your computer.  If you aren’t up to embroidering fancy teddy bears, or creating your own design to be digitized, you can embroidered your child’s name using one of the many fonts included on the machine’s software, on a pillow case, t-shirt, or cloth purse for example.  The possibilities really are endless. Besides the embroidery functions, the SINGER Futura CE-250 can be used as an everyday sewing machine and a quilter.

In summary, "the SINGER Futura CE-250 is a great quality machine with a lot of versatility and features good for beginners and advanced users," says Elouise.  "The only issue I had with the machine is its awkward size.  I haven’t been able to find a standard size tote or rolling bag to put the SINGER Futura CE-250 in, but instead had to buy a an XL rolling tote.   A tote is only needed if you plan on taking your machine with you to classes or on trips, so buyers shouldn’t let that hold them back from buying this affordable, multi-tasking machine. Embroidery is a great hobby to take up as there are so many items you can embroider on such as place mats, clothing, towels, and pillow cases.  Embroidery as a hobby can be as affordable as you make it, with designs available for free or for up to or over $50 a piece.  On the other hand, embroidery can make for a wonderful and profitible home business with personalized baby and children’s clothing being in such high demand these days."

There are several models available to choose from so be sure to research the different models carefully before buying so you get the machine that best suits your needs.

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