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Printable lists and planning pages + coupon code + giveaway

by Alicia in Organization

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Lists.. at any given time I have three or more active lists on my desk.  I keep a list of work tasks, personals tasks, the kids appointments, sports/classes, and groceries just to name a few.  Up until recently, my lists were hand-written on printer paper with a combination of pencil and pen, and I often wrote list items terribly crooked, horizontally and vertically on the page. 

After reading that, you might think that I handle chaos well.  Reality is that I don’t handle chaos well at all.  I get to a point where I can stand to look at my list anymore so I crumple it up and throw it away. 

The chaotic lists came to an end when I was introduced to a website called List Plan It which offers over 300 printable lists and planning pages.. with lines to write on!  What a novel idea.

List Plan It printable lists and planning pages include (but are not limited to) groceries, family chores, birthday memories, menu planning, and one of my personal favorites is the ‘record of my day’ page.  Use the ‘record of my day’ page to document the hours you put in folding clothes, paying
bills, and doing art projects with the kids.  This list is a great way to give yourself the credit you deserve.


Keep track of your family finances, business finances, babysitter contacts, goals, menu’s and much more.

List Plan It memberships are reasonably priced starting at just $9.95 for 3 months of access to all 300+ lists and planning pages.  If you think you might need access for one year, pay just $29.95.

Enter our May giveaway contest for a chance to win a free List Plan It 3 month membership. We will choose five winners.  Subscribe to our newsletter (link above) to be notified/reminded when the giveaway contest begins.

WEBSITE: List Plan It lists and planning pages

COUPON CODE: (EXCLUSIVE) Get $5.00 off a yearly membership with coupon code moms2008

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