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Kellogg’s Wild Animal Crunch cereal review

by Alicia in Age 5-7, Food and Drink

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Kellogg's® Wild Animal Crunch CerealIf your family is anything like mine, cereal isn’t just a breakfast food.  It’s munched on during car rides, long walks, and plenty of other times throughout the average day.  I know, that doesn’t sound so good but given that our new favorite cereal, Wild Animal Crunch, has less sugar than the average cereal and is a whole grain cereal, I don’t feel so bad when eaten in moderation.

Wild Animal Crunch quickly became a favorite at our house.  Unlike any other cereal I’ve tried, Wild Animal Crunch is enjoyed by all members of our household.. even one of our cats.  Our oldest, human food eating cat, greedily snatches the pieces that fall on the kitchen floor.

Rather than donning the usual cartoon characters, the Wild Animal Crunch cereal box looks like a cute piece of artwork you might pin on your child’s wall or refrigerator.  This is such a refreshing change.   Madelyn loves the real animal photograph(s) on the front of the box while Sebastian thinks the collector’s trading cards on the back of the box are "awesome".  The back of the box offers kids a fun way to learn simple facts about their favorite animals such as "Dolphins have no sense of smell".  Reading the facts is a great way to spark an educational breakfast conversation.

Besides being packaged very well, Wild Animal Crunch tastes really good. Your kids will appreciate the sweet vanilla-chocolate flavor while you appreciate the less than average amount of sugar found in this cereal.   We are big Kellogg’s cereal fans here so I have been able to compare the nutrition information of a Wild Animal Crunch to Raisin Bran, and Special K with red berries.  I was surprised to find that Wild Animal Crunch has much less sugar at just 8g than Raisin Bran which has 19g per serving and Special K with red berries which has 10g per serving.  Wild Animal Crunch provides more calcium, less carbohydrates, just about equal amounts of fat (around 1g), and far less sodium than Raisin Bran and Special K with red berries.

Wild Animal Crunch is a vanilla-chocolate Flavored Whole Grain Cereal made of natural and artificial flavors.. the one thing we could do without. 

I will definitely be buying Wild Animal Crunch regularly as it is the only cereal I have found that both kids, myself, and my husband all enjoy.

Icon_website2    You can learn more about Wild Animal Crunch, here, on the Kellogg’s website.

Buy at Amazon for about $3/box

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