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IrobotscoobaThe iRobot Scooba is a superb addition to any home with linoleum, tile or hardwood floors. The Scooba preps, washes, scrubs and squeegees your floor so you don’t have to! The Scooba can be turned on as you are leaving the house so you come home to clean floors. It can be u
sed with a special solution made by Clorox and available at most grocery stores or you can simply use water and vinegar or just water. We tested the iRobot Scooba on hardwood floors and used the Virtual Walls in our doorways to see how they worked. The iRobot Scooba has built in sensors that prevent it from going off of ledges and stairs so the Virtual Walls are mainly for occasions when you want the Scooba to clean one room instead of all attached rooms. Simply place a Virtual Wall device on the floor and the iRobot Scooba will not go past it.

On average, the Scooba covers each area of the floor 5 times. It’s fun to watch but you might get dizzy if you watch too long! The Scooba’s sensors help it navigate the room and avoid carpeted areas and area rugs. The Scooba washes the floor with clean solution and deposits the dirty water into a dirty water tank automatically, so it does not recycle the dirty water. Corners, under cabinets, and tables are no match for the Scooba. It cleans these areas just as well as the rest of the floor.

Be warned, using and watching the Scooba can be addictive and you may forget how to use a mop.

Icon_website2Watch demonstration videos and learn more about the iRobot Scooba here.

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