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can’t tell you how many times Madelyn and Sebastian have fallen down while running in circles on our hardwood floors.  A lot!!  In the summer months they usually don’t wear socks inside but they do i
n the winter and I’m sure you know how great of a combination socks and hardwood floors are?!  Enter GRiPPiES.

GRiPPiES is a new product that parents stick on a non-skid surface to their kids’ socks, tights and gloves, which can prevent injuries associated with every day slips and falls.  Just imagine how much cry time GRiPPiES can abolish in your home!

GRiPPiES are made of a revolutionary material that adheres easily to garments.  Once applied, GRiPPiES provide traction much like pre-made non-skid socks.  If your toddler is a sock lover like Madelyn (her socks have to match.. ugh!) then you will love these because you can stick them on a favorite pair of socks or any socks for that matter.  No more buying generic white, pink, or yellow non-skid socks from the store. 

Just stick a few GRiPPiES stars on them and they’re ready to go.

Safety, style, and comfort.. what more can a child ask for?

Website: GRiPPiES

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