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DaysAgo Digital Day Counter

by Alicia in Gadgets

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DaysagoWith everything that parents have to do and think about, it’s no wonder we don’t remember when the tomato sauce was opened or if the open jar of baby food in the refrigerator is from this decade.  It’s tough to remember when you opened what.

The DaysAgo Digital Day Counter solves that problem once and for all.  It is the first and only digital day
counter that attaches to a variety of surfaces with a magnetic or
suction backing or with a band.  Now you can store baby food, breast milk, or left-overs without having to worry about remembering when you put it in the refrigerator or freezer.  The DaysAgo Digital Day Counter counts up to 99 days. It’s a simple gadget that is
re-usable, versatile and helps save money. You can use it on food
containers to let you know how many days ago you opened it, closed it,
tried it, sauced it, grew it, etc.  As for leftovers, it eliminates the
doubt about when to throw it out.

Use the DaysAgo Digital Day Counter to reminder you when you:

  • cleaned the fish tank
  • opened the baby food
  • watered the plants
  • gave your dog medicine
  • made the baby’s bottle
  • thoroughly washed the bath toys

Simply attach the DaysAgo Digital Day Counter to an item (produce, chips, fish tank, plants) and
it digitally displays how many days or hours ago the item was opened, cleaned, given or watered. 

There are tons of usage possibilities.

What would you use a DaysAgo Digital Day Counter for?

Three readers will win a DaysAgo Digital Day Counter!  Send your most creative usage idea to be entered to win. The contest starts Friday April 25th and ends April 30th.  I will choose the three most creative ideas by May 2nd and will contact the winners by email.
Email your most creative idea to alicia @ themommyinsider . com (no spaces).

WEBSITE: DaysAgo Digital Day Counter

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