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SoundSpa™ Lullaby – a must have

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HomedicssoundspalullabyI LOVE LOVE LOVE this gadget!
The HoMedics SoundSpa™ Lullaby is a small device that projects rotating images onto baby’s ceiling or wall and plays a variety of relaxing sounds or songs. 

First and foremost, the sound quality is amazing.  Never have I tested a baby device with such clear and ‘real’ sound.

When Madelyn goes to bed I turn the projector on, play Twinkle Twinkle and set the timer to 45 minutes.  The projector brightness can be set to high or low and the volume is completely adjustable.   Homedicscloseup_2Other options include no projection, playing a sound effect instead of a song, different timer settings, and adjustable projection location. 
Changing options is as easy as pushing a button on top of the device or adjusting a dial on the side of the device.

Click the image to the left to view a close up of the controls.

Sounds and sound effects include Twinkle, Twinkle, Rock-A-Bye-Baby, Lullaby and Goodnight, rain, ocean, and a heartbeat.  Priced at just $29, this is a must have!

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