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Oakley RAZRWIRE sunglasses

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OakleyrazrwireWhat man doesn’t want a pair of Oakley’s?  When our testers put these on for the first time, I thought they all looked like spies.  It took me a while to get past the fact that they guys looked like 007 but once I did I realized that these are not only really great looking but they are also one of the coolest gadgets (for adults) that I’ve reviewed.

Oakley’s RAZRWIRE’s are the first ever eyewear to combine patented Oakley optics with Motorola wireless BLUETOOTH®  technology.  How gadgety does that sound?  A wearable link to your cellular phone, RAZRWIRE
offers the freedom of mobile hands-free communication. The integrated
design frees you from cumbersome wires, allowing you to quickly answer
and place calls with the touch of a button.  RAZRWIRE’s detachable Motorola Bluetooth wireless headset lets active
and style conscious parents (and other consumers) experience hands-free, cable-free
communications which is a necessity when traveling to and from sports, ballet, school, and appointments. It is very important to use both hands when driving.

Our testers agreed that call clarity was not compromised nor was comfort.  RAZRWIRE sunglasses are not heavy and do not feel bulky said our testers.  The sunglasses proved to be comfortable for extended periods of time.

a hands-free link to your cellular phone is always at the ready, and
there’s no need to remove it between calls like a clumsy headset. The
technology you need is part of something you’re already wearing. RAZRWIRE™ is science wrapped in art that turns wireless mobility into fashion.

Thanks to Oakley, we are giving away a pair of RAZRWIRE’s to one lucky reader! Check back later  (April 1st 08) for details on how to enter to win.

Oakley RAZRWIRE sunglasses

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