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Mother’s Touch™ Large Comfort Bather

by Alicia in Age 0-1 year, Bath Toys & Gear, Cleaning & Cleaners

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Infantsummerbath I wish I had this bather when Madelyn was an infant.  Bathing Madelyn was almost usually a two person job. She wasn’t very happy when we put her in a plastic infant bather so one of us would hold her while the other washed her.  That’s not always practical though and that is where a bather like the Infant Summer Mother’s Touch Large Comfort Bather comes in handy. 

Comfort features include raised edges, a deluxe head rest, 2 position reclining seat, and a soft mesh sling seat.  The cover can be removed and machine washed and the mildew resistant fabric dries very quickly.  The raised edges should make baby feel secure and keep baby safe from wiggling out of the bather while the large, stable base keeps the bather secure. 

Parents will appreciate the ability to fold the bather so it will fit into a bathroom cabinet or closet when not in use.  — Just a note.. never leave baby unattended and don’t assume that she can’t wiggle her way out of any bather.

This bather is a great investment because it can be used until your baby is ready for a toddler tub. 

Icon_website2  Summer Infant Mother’s Touch Large Comfort Bather

You can buy this bather at Amazon – click here

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