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Chicco Hook-On Travel Seat

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Minimizing exposure to germs is an issue for most parents.  We are always washing little hands, wiping off shopping cart handles, and rubbing anti-bacterial solution on our kids hands. 

An easy way to limit the exposure to germs while eating out is by using a hook-on travel seat.  Using this type of seat in conjunction with a stick on place mat make a good germ free combination.

Besides having a relatively germ free dining experience, you will also feel confident that your child is safe and comfortable.  The three-point harness keeps the child in the seat while the padded seat
ensures that she is comfortable for a long sitting such as when eating
out.  The Chicco Hippo TravelSeat fits table tops with a table skirt up to 6" thick which is a pretty standard size. I have tried this seat on several different types of tables and haven’t had a problem hooking onto any of them including a round table. 

ChiccohookontravelseatI wasn’t going to use my daughter as a tester for the Chicco Hippo TravelSeat because she doesn’t like to be confined to a high chair and hasn’t used one for a while.  Much to my surprise though, she wanted to get in the seat and uses it often.  The Chicco Hippo TravelSeat allows toddlers to eat at the table with the rest of the family.  The padded seat is removable and machine washable which is much appreciated by a mom of a 22 month old who has mastered the art of making a mess of whatever she touches.  The rubberized arms firmly grip the table but will not leave marks or pinch little fingers.  The seat is simple to install and takes just seconds once you’ve done it a couple of times.

Learn more about the Chicco Hippo TravelSeat here OR buy here.

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