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Baby’s First Moves: a Baby Einstein DVD

by Alicia in Age 0-1 year, Age 1-3, Music & DVD

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BabyeinsteinbabysfirstmovesdvdSometimes I just can’t think of anything to do to entertain Madelyn. We read books, we play ring around the rosie, but she wants more.  That is where ‘active learning’ movies like Baby Einstein DVD’s come in really handy.  When I am out of energy or need to do something around the house, I know that I can rely on Baby Einstein DVD’s to occupy Madelyn for a little while even with her short, toddler attention span.

Baby’s First Moves delights Madelyn every time she watches it and I enjoy the music while I am cleaning or just trying to catch my breath from a busy day playing ‘let’s run around the house while we scream and laugh’ with Madelyn.  Baby Einstein videos incorporate colorful puppets, real babies, and images which change often so as to keep baby’s attention.

This video features babies and toddlers rolling, playing peek a boo, clapping, stomping, twirling, and more.  During some segments, the narrator tells us what the baby is doing. For example, while a baby is rolling, she will say ‘roll’.  Parents are often shown interacting with their baby or toddler which inspires me to do the same with Madelyn.  When watching Baby Einstein videos Madelyn and I interact with each
other more than when watching Clifford or Arthur for example.  The simple moves, enthusiastic sounds and encouragement from parents shown in the movie give me the extra push I might need to interact with Madelyn at a time when I might otherwise be cleaning or trying to rest. (ha!)

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