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Baby Sharmooz: a satin headrest for baby

by Alicia on March 24, 2008 in Age 0-1 year, Age 1-3, Bedding - baby & kids, Bedtime, Nursery & Room Decor, Safety

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My mother uses a satin pillowcasBabysharmooze and got my son, now 8, hooked on satin pillow cases when he was about two years old.   I don’t blame them.. satin is soft, smooth, and luxurious to the touch.
Adults have use satin pillow cases for years to keep hair under control while sleeping.  Cotton pillow cases tend to grab and break delicate hair which causes the dreaded ‘bald spot’.

The Baby Sharmooz may reduce and/or eliminate balding by allowing the head to glide over the satin headrest. It gets better.  You may ask how the Baby Sharmooz stays put.  The non-slip backing ensures that the satin headrest’s movement is minimal if it moves at all.   The Baby Sharmooz is not intended for use in the crib. Baby should not have any type of blanket or pillow in her crib for the first year or so. 

The Baby Sharmooz is for use in a baby swing, carrier, car seat, and bouncer.  The Baby Sharmooz is just big enough for baby’s head making it easy to take with you anywhere you go.  I’ll tell you a secret.. during the testing phase of the Baby Sharmooz, I used it in the car, for myself.  Who doesn’t love the cool feeling of satin?  Other Sharmooz products include the Royal Sharmooz Pillowcase for older children and adults, satin fitted cribsheets, baby blankets, and burp cloths all available in several colors and styles.

Madelyn loves her Baby Sharmooz and even uses it like a blankie.

The Sharmooz

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Fred Farnsworth ( crib bedding SME ) April 13, 2008 at 8:46 am

I’m glad at the bottom of your article you point out about the satin pillow not being for infants and that they should really have nothing in the crib for at least a year for safety reasons.

I wish I had known that satin pillows help prevent balding I would have started using them for myself many years ago. ;o)



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