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Madelyn’s love for yogurt was about as great as her love of going to bed at night.. non existent.  That changed when we received the new Yoplait Kids to try.  I think the character branded packaging sparked her interest because she actually picked up the bottle and drank from it.  She drank several sips the first time she picked up the bottle and  I thought surely she was going to decorate the table with the yogurt she had just drank, but instead she swallowed it!  That was something for the baby book.


Ever since introducing juice (seriously diluted but still a big mistake) to Madelyn’s ‘diet’, she hasn’t been drinking enough milk and may not been getting the calcium she needs.  Now that she eats Yoplait Kids I feel confident that she is getting the calcium she needs.  The nutritional benefits don’t stop there.  Here is a brief run down of the benefits of Yoplait Kids:

  • naturally-sourced DHA – supports healthy brain growth
  • a good source of vitamins A & D
  • live and active cultures – help break down
    lactose making yogurt a great way for kids who are lactose intolerant to enjoy
  • no artificial sweeteners or flavors – what a novel idea!

The natural sugar content makes for a yummy flavor and the consistency of the cupped yogurt (not the drink) is perfect for new eaters as the yogurt won’t slip off the spoon easily.  I really appreciate the smaller than average bottle and cup size so all of the yogurt can eaten leaving none to waste.

Most toddlers don’t enjoy yogurt with chunks of fruit in it so this is a great alternative to the chunky yogurts that older children might enjoy.  However, I do hope that Yoplait Kids will soon add a ‘chunky’ yogurt cup for the older kids to enjoy and maybe they will consider adding an organic version to the Yoplait Kids line.

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