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Ooh, la la!  Take a look at this french vintage print Tralala Rose Lace Swing Jacket Set.  How cute is it? Madelyn transformed into a gorgeous princess when I put the Tralala
outfit on her and she knew it. I didn’t take photographs because the
outfit is a little large on her and the photograph wouldn’t do the
outfit justice. Table Five Designs carries this whimsical toddler outfit as well as aparell for infants all the way up to age 6 and for both girls and boys. 

Angela Clemente, owner of Table Five Designs, chooses the finest items to feature in her store.You will find all types of goodies including children’s apparel, high-end furniture, designer wall
clocks, wall art, picture frames, silver, drapery, lighting, diaper
bags, burp clothes, bibs, luxury play houses and more.

Oh, you should check out the $36,000 playhouse
while you are there.  If you don’t have that much in the bank, I’m sure you can hold off on groceries for 10 or so years.  These playhouses are such a great idea for the right family with a large yard.

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