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Robeez Tredz + Giveaway!

by Alicia in Age 0-1 year, Age 1-3, Baby & Kids Clothing, Shoes

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Madelyn is 20 months now and like most toddlers, she is all over the place.  Robeeztredz1
Climbing, jumping, dancing, running.  For the first year of her life she wore soft-soled baby shoes but now that she spends a lot of time playing outside her feet need the protection of a thicker soled shoe while still having the flexibility of the soft soled shoes.   Robeez’s new outdoor toddler shoe line, Tredz, offers just what she needs.. a thick soled super flexible shoe. Beyond that, Tredz are lightweight, water-resistant and grippy so Madelyn’s little feet have a good grip on smooth and wet surfaces.  A lot of  toddler shoes are either practical or cute/.  Rarely are toddler shoes both cute and have what a little toddler foot needs; flexibility and protection.  Robeez has done a great job with their new Tredz line, combining the best of both. 

Not lacking in selection, the Tredz line includes over one dozen designs featuring soothing and ‘earthy’ colored shoes decorated with cute flower, truck, and duck embellishments.

Tredz have a
adjustable fasteners and elastic ankles to keep them on active toddlers and the cushioned insoles provide all day comfort for little one’s on the go.

I found that Tredz run a little large. Madelyn is an average size 20 month old and the 20-24 month size is a little big on her.  You might want to try a size smaller than what you think your toddler would wear.

I am going to try to get a photograph of Madelyn in her Tredz but because they are a little big I don’t know if they will stay on long enough.

We received two pairs of Tredz from our great friends at Robeez and because we are so nice we are going to give away one pair. It pains me to do so, but it is the right of all parents to have the opportunity to experience the super cuteness of Tredz just like Madelyn and I have.  Simply leave a comment on this post letting me know what you think of Robeez baby shoes and/or the looks of the new Tredz line and I will choose a winner at random to receive a pair of Robeez. They are all girl styles so please keep that in mind when entering. CONTEST RUNS UNTIL February 15th, 08.

Robeez Tredz outdoor toddler shoes

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