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Q-BA-MAZE construction toy + giveaway!

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Qf009q50towerWe received several Q-BA-MAZE kits to review back in December and
the feedback from parents and kids alike has been aMAZing!

When Sebastian gets out his Q-BA-MAZE construction toy I know I won’t see him for a while.   Like most  children, Sebastian loves to build things then take them apart.  If he could he would try it on my car.  When I received Q-BA-MAZE to review, I knew right away that this is a toy to play with when Madelyn (almost 2) is not around.  With small marbles and pieces that stack, the combination is a sure disaster. She would have Sebastian’s project scattered on the floor in no time.

Q-BA-MAZE is unlike any toy I’ve ever seen. Not only is this a construction toy but it is also a marble maze.  Structures can be designed and built using the included architecture plans, your child’s imagination, or from architecture plans found on the Q-BA-MAZE website. 
The fun isn’t over when you’ve used all of the construction pieces.  When you are finished building a structure, drop the included marbles in and see where they come out!   What I love about this toy is that there are so many design possibilities and little inventors can spend hours making their own buildings, bridges, or other structures and then watch the marbles roll down and out!  The structure above is one of the simpler designs. Visit the website to see the design possibilities for each set.

Q-BA-MAZE packs come with 20 or 50 very durable pieces and include several marbles.  We have three 50 piece Q-BA-MAZES to giveaway and will do so in March.  Sign up for our newsletter using the "Get our newsletter" form to the right to be notified when we run the giveaway contest.

Q-BA-MAZE construction toy

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