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O Yikes! Messenger diaper bag

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I have so many bags I don’t know what I’m going to do with them when Madelyn and I grow out of the diaper bag stage. Like most women, I have three or so handbags (diaper bags in this case) that I use most often. My three favorites are all in different price ranges. One is <$100, then I have my O Yikes! bag, and I have a >$300 diaper bag that I carry on special occasions which quite frankly is rare.


I use my O Yikes! Messenger diaper bag when visiting friends, going to the local coffee shop to work ( laptop case + diaper bag), and when we go to the kids Grandmother’s house down the street. Now that I think about it, the O Yikes! is my most used bag these days. There are several reasons for this. The laptop case (sold separately), the accessory bag which usually holds my cosmetics or laptop accessories, the bottle holder that keeps my drink cool, and the trillions of pockets that hold everything I need to travel the world in three days or less. The six inside pockets hold many ‘things’ that I can’t begin to get into here. There are two outside pockets which usually hold a spiral bound notebook and files. There is also a drink pouch on one side that has a drawstring so I can access Madelyn’s sippy cup quickly.
Oh, and the inside key ring has saved me so many times. I am terrible with losing keys.. not when I am carrying this bag!

O Yikes! bags are made to last for years and are multi-functional. We’re not just parents after all. Sure, we have playdates and story time but we also work. It’s nice to carry a bag that isn’t just a diaper bag.

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