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Motionbox: online personal video managment

by Alicia in Fun stuff for parents, Organization

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MotionboxlogoI have been using the premium service
for about two months and I couldn’t be happier. When I started my Motionbox membership, I was paying a ‘big name’ online video storage website.  Motionbox totally won me over and I am not paying the other service any more!

Motionbox premium allows for unlimited storage, the ability for your family to download the videos you have uploaded to Motionbox, and I think uploading a video to Motionbox is so much easier than to YouTube.  You can sort your videos into folders. I created a ‘Sebastian’ folder, a ‘Work’ folder, and a ‘Product reviews’ folder to name a few. The folder feature makes finding the video I am looking for quickly.   

What really makes Motionbox stand out from the rest is their Flipbook product.  Do you remember those?  I used to make them when I was a child.. with the ball bouncing up and down.  You can create a Flipbook from any of your videos and you can choose a custom cover for your flipbook.  One other feature that I absolutely love is the ability to edit and ‘mix’ videos.  For those of you who have a website of your own, you can embed a video onto your website.  Simply click on the ’embed’ link below the video and choose to include the filmstrip or not and the code is supplied for you.

Like I said, Motionbox has a lot of great features.  The website itself is very easy to get around and once you log in to your Motionbox account, uploading videos is very easy. I highly recommend Motionbox as a great tool for parents to share their videos with far away family and friends.  You can sign up for a Motionbox premium now for only $29.99 a year as opposed to the regular $34.99 yearly fee.  This offer is available for a limited time.

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