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Magnetic Activity Play Garden

by Alicia in Age 1-3, Age 3-5, Toys

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Had we purchased this toy, it would have been one of the best investments we’ve made for Madelyn.  She is 20 months old now and has an absolute blast with this magnetic garden as do our older testers.  This magnetic garden toy has provided Madelyn with hours of fun and creative play.  I’m not just saying that.. it is very true. 

Other moms that were around during the testing of this product were just as pleased with Kushies as I was when we discovered that the flower garden doubles as a carrying case for storing the 11 magnetic garden accessories.  What a great concept and very useful. Just that feature alone has made the Magnetic Activity Play Garden a favorite to take on road trips, and to Grandmother’s house.

Madelyn spends a lot of time watering her garden with the watering can which has shiny strings ‘flowing’ of the spout to simulate a real watering can.  How neat is that?  She even has her own watering sound effects.

Kooskies_magnetgarden1The bottom of the reusable carrying case is the garden (grassy area) . There is a magnetic pad in the bottom of the case so when you turn it over, your child can place the magnetic garden accessories anywhere on the bottom
of the case.  Magnetic creatures
stick to the garden and the magnetic plant pieces stack and build! When your child is done playing, simply gather all of the garden accessories, put them in the case and zip it up!

Madelyn also enjoys putting the magnetic accessories on the side of the refrigerator, and on other metal surfaces around the house.  I needed to keep Madelyn in her stroller during Sebastian’s baseball tryouts, so I took these hoping that she would occupy herself by putting the magnets on the metal parts of her stroller and sure enough, it worked!  She was great!!

The garden is light enough for Madelyn to carry by herself and has a handle on either side for an easy grasp.   Garden accessories include a few flowers, and some really interested creatures.  All of the pieces are brightly colored and have some sort of texture which is great for tactile development.

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Click here to learn more about or buy the Magnetic Activity Play Garden on the Kushies website.

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