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Internet Password Organizer + Giveaway!

by Alicia in Announcements & Stationary, Organization

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InternetpasswordorganizerI don’t know what it is but in the last six years my brain decided that memory isn’t a priority anymore and thus I don’t remember things like I used to!  For years I was able to remember my user names and passwords for dozens of websites, without a problem.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to click on the "forgot password?" link or have had to call the bank to have my password changed. The phone calls to the online banking department got embarrassing after a while.

Enter the Internet Password Organizer.   Now all of my user names and passwords are organized by website, alphabetically, in this great little black book.
The Internet Password Organizer has been such a time saver.  The book fits in my laptop case which goes everywhere with me. No more waiting for a password to be changed and sent via email or calling the bank embarrassed that I lost my password.. again. 

Use the Internet Password Organizer to store your kids favorite websites’ user names and passwords. Don’t rely on your scattered memory anymore.  Give your brain a rest, write it down!

The Internet Password Organizer not only stores my Internet user names and passwords but it also has pages where I can store my wireless network settings and other important information I don’t want to forget.   The black hard cover is stylish and is sure to keep my precious information safe for years.  I’m counting on it!

Want to win one? Email me at alicia @ themommyinsider (dot) com and tell me why you should win an Internet Password Organizer.  I will give one to three readers with the best story!  Our thanks to  Elena at Innovention Lab for the giveaway organizers!

Buy your Internet Password Organizer before February 15th and get 10% off… AND get an additional 10% off with coupon code MommyInsider.

Internet Password Organizer

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