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Froose: a healthy juice for kids

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What’s low in sugar, high in fiber, made with organic ingredients and yummy?  Your kids migFroose1_2ht say.. uh, nothing!?  Have your kids try Froose, a naturally healthy juice for kids, and I think they will change their minds.  Froose is a novel idea. Combine good flavor with organic ingredients and very low sugar to create a great tasting drink.  Good idea huh?

Our testers, ages 20 months – 9 years, tried all three flavors, Perfect Pear, Cheerful Cherry, and Playful Peach.  We didn’t hear complaints about any of the flavors but the Cheerful Cherry was the favorite. The kids loved the packaging with the cute moose and I as a parent love it because the colorful juice boxes add fun to a healthy drink.  I tasted the Froose juices, and it was like biting into a real pear or peach.. it was great!  I really appreciate that Froose juices don’t have the ‘flavored water’ taste that many juices have. You feel like you are actually enjoying a piece of fruit when drinking Froose.

Froose juices combine the best of whole grains and fruit in one nutritious, portable package that kids can grab out of the fridge or include in their packed school lunch.  I am impressed that Froose chose to package their juices in smaller 4.23 oz packages than the typical 6.75 or 8 oz packages. No more almost empty juice boxes laying around and no more ‘I’m not hungry for dinner’ after your child drinks a 6.75oz juice box!

Go to the Froose website to learn more about the flavors, how Froose is made, and the nutritional facts.

Froose whole food kids juices

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