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Boogaloo toys and gear

by Alicia in Age 1-3, Age 3-5, Age 5-7, Bath Toys & Gear

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OctubuddyOther than during Madelyn’s nap time, bath time is when I feel most relaxed because I know Madelyn is contained and occupied.  We have gone through a lot of bath toys between our two children.  One toy that has remained a regular fixture in our bathtub is Octobuddy from Boogaloo.  Octobuddy is a colorful, plastic octopus that floats on the water and has four feet with objects inside a clear ‘bubble’ that move or spin when water that is poured into Octubuddy’s head using his hat, reaches the object. 

Each of the four objects does something different and the water is dispersed evenly so all four objects move at the same time.  Pour and watch, pour and watch.  Toddlers love repetition.  Madelyn’s favorite is the water wheel.  The other objects are a bobbing fish, a peek-a-boo critter, and a spiral wheel.

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