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Beech-Nut Easy Pour™ w/ twist off cap

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Beechnut1Beech  Nut Easy Pour™ baby cereal packaging will make a lot of mom’s very happy.
The mess that would be left on the counter after pouring Madelyn’s cereal would drive me crazy.  After the mess of flaky cereal on the counter, I then had to get the little tab closures back into the box. It wasn’t that easy, especially when Madelyn was really hungry and fussy.

Easy Pouris such a great idea and and so over due.  Easy Pour packaging replaces
traditional flimsy dry cereal boxes with a sturdier carton container
that features a twist-off spout.  The new packaging is specially
designed to allow Mom to easily open, close, pour and store baby’s

Easy Pour packaging is available for Beech-Nut DHA plus+ dry cereals, and Beech Nut Oatmeal, Rich and Barley dry cereals.  Beech-Nut dry cereals are available wherever Beech-Nut products are sold.  You will find a list of retailers at

We are giving away three Beech Nut Easy Pour varieties to one lucky reader.  Simply sign up to get our newsletter using the "Get our newsletter" field to the right and you will be entered to win.

Beech Nut baby cereal

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