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Baby’s Quiet Sounds™ Color Handheld Video Monitor

by Alicia in Electronics, Gadgets, Nursery & Room Decor

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Infantsummer_video1Even when I take the kids to my mother’s house, I bring Madelyn’s monitor. When I leave her in a room alone, I want to know if she is awake or asleep, playing or crying.  A monitor is simply a necessity in my life.  My mother on the other hand, didn’t use a monitor when I was a baby 30 something years ago which blows my mind.

Now that I have used this video monitor for a few weeks, I can’t imagine going back to using a ‘regular’ monitor.  This video monitor produces an excellent picture both day and night. During the day the picture is full color and at night the picture is black and white and still very clear.  The camera tilts down and around and can be mounted on a wall, or it can sit on a dresser.  Additional camera’s and monitors can be purchased which is great if you have a playroom you want to monitor.  This video monitor has a 350 foot range which I love because I take it all throughout the house and even outside while she is napping and still get great reception.

Rechargeable batteries are included and last up to 10 hours when not plugged in.

This video monitor has tons of other features including a video on/off button, headphone jack, LED sound lights, a belt clip and a stand for portability. But that’s not all.  You can learn more about this video monitor at the Summer Infant website.


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