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The First Adventures of Incredible You: personalized book

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Custommadeforkids1The First Adventures of Incredible You is a personalized book about the most memorable experiences of early childhood, those that we want to hold on to forever.  An iParenting media award-winning book, The First Adventures of Incredible You,  is the perfect gift for the special child in your life.

Rhyming verses and rich, colorful illustrations will keep the attention of your younger child while the people and places mentioned in the story will delight your older child to no end.  Because faces are not shown in this book, it is perfect for any child no matter what their race, gender or family lifestyle is.

The book begins with a dedication page for which you can request a special dedication from mom and dad. The dedication in Madelyn’s book is "This book was custom made for Madelyn Rose Hagan who arrived on May 9th 2006. We Love You! Mommy, Daddy and Sebastian – 2008.

The First Adventures of Incredible You is a story about the first adventures
of your child’s life. What child doesn’t love a story about them self?   Your child is the main character in the story but the personalization doesn’t stop there. The story
includes the people and places that are most important to your child,
including your local zoo, park, and sports team, as well as her favorite food and the street where you live no doubt bringing the story to life every time she hears or reads it even as she gets older.

If you want to buy The First Adventures of Incredible You for a friend or family member’s child and don’t know the name of their local park, zoo, or favorite friend that’s not a problem. You can order a book gift certificate so the parent can fill out the form and complete the order.

Custom Made for Kids personalized chidren’s book

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